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Audio Production

Here at Dreamcast, as part of our dream of cultivating art and giving free reins to the artists, we have in our creative ensemble a team of young musicians and audio producers who produce and create music and scores for our films and theatre productions.

See some of the work we have done here and follow the social links to see more of our upcoming projects.

Pretend No More Dear

Tribute song for the Late Mary Savita Aram and an Anthem Against Rape. Written By Neil C Nuia Produced By Jammin at Dreamcast Theatre Studio Performed By: Wendy Kealau, Cathy Kealau and Jammin Guitar Works By Jimmy Nicklam Iro

Dream Vo!s

Dream Vo!s is an acoustic band made up of members of the Dreamcast family, mainly focusing on traditional folk songs, the band sometimes spice things up and cover songs from famous artists.

The Making of Pretend No More

A glimpse in the studio with Jammin creating the song that would be the anthem of the "Justice4Mary" movement.

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