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Video Production

Dreamcast Theatre Solomon Islands has become one of the biggest video production houses in the Solomon Islands. From full length feature films to flash social media adverts, Dreamcast has done it all. Our projects have varied from issue based films, to commercial adverts for companies and public service announcements for government ministries.

Iumi Man Save Endim Vaelens | We Men Can End Violence

A short film on the role of men in ending violence against women and children, featuring prominent Solomon Island men representing a cross section of our society.

Behind The Price Tags

An Event Cinema (something we recently discovered recently) that encourages us to not judge the pricing of goods we see at the market place but to rather to try and understand the stories behind the prices on the goods at the market place. Yes sometimes they are expensive for some of us but healthy food are is worth that.

This content is first of its kind and we are happy to launch it after the 16 Days of Activism. To us, 16 Days of Activism is every day.


"HINE" A Dreamcast Film that tells the story of how one indigenous girl fought for the freedom of her dreams against injustices that thrive in society, right down to the comforts of a family home. Written, filmed and performed by young Solomon Islanders. Yes, the same producers and talents from 'Juvenile". Director: Jonathan Levo Producer: Neil Nuia Score: Jammin

Video Channel Name

Video Channel Name

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