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The Dream

A wise man once said, if you want to change the world – Start a business. We did, but a much better business model with a social arm. After 13 years of perseverance from a tiny community in Tuvaruhu, after so many rehearsals under the community mango trees and private residence - in Oct 2019 Dreamcast had a taste of the bigger dream. The organization pitched and secured lease agreement for a building in Honiara with dreams to turn an old theatre space into an art hub. Since October 2018, Dreamcast invested an estimated worth of $200,000 (human resource, volunteers, in-kind community support, donations, time, materials) towards the renovation of the old ragged building and turned it into a magical space for young people. The organization believes that through art, they can open people’s hearts and minds and ignite their imagination, sparking inspiration for a happy, healthy, sustainable future. Collaborating with esteemed artists and stakeholders from all over Solomon Islands, Dreamcast coordinates captivating art projects connecting young people to sustainable development, self care, including public art classes, seminars, panel discussions and preforming art Today, the Dreamcast Art hub is a place where young artists of every discipline can give free rein to their creativity. A place where they can work from, where they can meet, exhibit, perform, trade, learn, train, discuss, plan and pursue a better vision for our country. A place to contribute ideas and return to their home with renewed knowledge and potential.

The vision is one where under a big umbrella, exhibitions of all sorts are always in place, where musicians can compose, rehearse, record and perform their compositions, where enlightened debate can reclaim its place among arts. This will be the place where the region, in partnership with all its creatives, will stage and showcase the finest things and minds of local and guest artists and thinkers. The vision is that Dreamcast Art Hub will become a “must see destination” for local and foreign tourists and that, over time, it will come to be considered a Solomon Islands Landmark, which Honiara will directly benefit Honiara and cause a rightful swell of pride.

Our organizational culture is all about creativity and collaboration lead by young artists, and our open co-working art hub provide a pleasing and friendly workspace for our volunteers, artists and entrepreneurs to work together. Majority of our affiliates, mostly young people come from different crafts and backgrounds, which contributes to our unique work environment, but we all have one important thing in common: our passion for our talents. At Dreamcast art hub, every ideas counts and every win is celebrated not by our volunteer management but all of the people that are courageously contributing to making the organization stand out from the rest. Key foundations of the Dreamcast Theatre are that it is community driven, that it encourages integrated management of collective resources, and that is a more sustainable approach to arts and cultural participation, advocacy and entrepreneurship. The idea that small groups of creatives band together to tackle common visions and issues co-operatively, because they don’t end up at the personal studio door is elegant and in today’s arts industry of value- adding, upscaling and competition, it’s actually quite radical.

Artistic and cultural activities provide opportunities for social interaction which contribute to the development of social relationships and networks and enhance self-esteem. Artistic and cultural activities can bring together people with similar interests and also unite people from diverse backgrounds and social levels in a shared experience, facilitating the accumulation of social capital - specifically bonding and bridging social capital.

Meet The Board Members

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